When know-How becomes Art

Secure your clock with this


The perfect glass dome to protect your clock from dust and particules, or invasive hands!

The glass dome may be used to minimize the sound of your clock, or as a protection for your clock. It is perfectly efficient while paired with a leather underpad if you need to attenuate even more the sound of its escapement beat.

Be careful this mineral glass dome can be used only with some pieces of the collection:
- Balthazar  Ø 35 x 44 cms high  - Ref. GL.0991/000
- Melchior  Ø 30 x 35 cms high - Ref. GL.0974/000
- Starfleet Machine  Ø 32 x 27 cms high  - Ref. GL.0942/000
- Arachnophobia   Ø 48 x 27 cms high  - Ref. GL.0992/000
- Sherman and Bad Sherman :  Ø 25 x 25 cms high  - Ref. GL.0969/000