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A tribute to the history and tradition

Ovale Tourbillon 4 Quarters

To mark the 180th anniversary of L'Epée 1839, the Manufacture unveils a traditional clock, a one-off piece, in honor of its heritage as a great manufacturer of officers' carriage clocks.
Ovale Tourbillon Engraved

A tribute to the history and tradition

As well as a central hours and minutes display, this clock from the Ovale collection possesses numerous complications: tourbillon, moon phase, alarm, calendar (Day and Month), and even strikes the quarter-hours!

To further enhance this exceptional piece, L’Epée 1839 commissioned the hand-engraving of the entire case. Two types of engraving (in positive and negative relief) are combined to form an abstract pattern that decorates the whole case with style.

This unique piece displays the hours and minutes on a white enamel dial. The two hands reproduce the shapes historically used for officers' carriage clocks. The moon phase display, at six o'clock, presents the lunar cycles. The day and month displays and the alarm function are located on the lower part of the case front.

The ringing of the alarm is controlled by a dedicated barrel enabling the alarm to be regulated as desired. It produces its own characteristic, powerful tone.

The tourbillon crowned with swords can be admired through a glass window revealing the impressive width of the balance wheel and its characteristic rhythm of 2.5 Hz, or 18,000 vibrations per hour.

The clock has a power reserve of 8 days, and is endowed with the special feature of striking the quarter-hours. The double gong (with independent spring barrel) strikes the hours with one gong stroke, the first quarter with a double stroke, the half hour with two double strokes and the last quarter with three double strokes. An on/off selector is located on the top of the clock, so that the strikes can be silenced as desired. A single key is used to set the time and wind the spring barrels, which are accessed by opening the glass door in the back of the clock.

The Ovale Tourbillon Four Quarters is a unique gilded piece made up of 433 parts, supplied in a traditional leather case with a window, as was usual for the era, enabling the time to be read while traveling. History relates that the officer's clock was so named because Napoleon, the supreme commander of the armies, required his generals to carry a clock on all battlefields after suffering a defeat caused by the late arrival of some of his troops.

For nearly two centuries, L’Epée 1839 has been creating mechanical clocks, many of which have been given as gifts to the great names of this world. Many well-known personalities have given and/or received the gift of an officer's carriage clock made by L’Epée 1839.

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Ovale Tourbillon 4 Quarters

Reference    64.6143/901
Limited edition :
Unique Piece
Movement :
Cal. 1881 T
Functions :




Moon phase


Striking mechanism: hour (1 stroke/1 o’clock; 4 o’clock = 4 strokes), quarter hour (double stroke), half hour (double stroke x2) last quarter (double stroke x3)

Striking mechanism: On/off

Power Reserve :
8 days
Finishings :

Polished, satin-brushed and sand-blasted

Hand-engraved by an artist over the entire case

Jewels :
Dimensions :

2.9 kgs 

H 14cm  L12.9cm   W10.8 cm

Materials :


White Enamel

Mineral Glass

Winding :
The time is set and the movement is wound using the key typical of L’Epée 1839 officers' carriage clocks.

When know-How becomes Art