Two Hands


To celebrate its 175th anniversary the brand developed a timepiece that is suggest to many interrogations. The manufacture to comes back to its history and origins and redeveloped an extraordinary escapement. A Tourbillon, the most noble escapement, garners the full attention. A special Tourbillon has to be made and what a better collaboration than Vincent Calabrese, a well known figure of the Horology world.

The Story

The challenge for the teams was to create an exceptional timepiece. It is successfully done with “Two Hands”,  thanks to the dimension, to the design, to the material, to the ideas of Vincent Calabrese and to the dexterity of  L’Epée 1839 team. The most surprising complication, the tourbillon takes place in the middle of this piece of art. It becomes flying, and stands proudly on the middle of the turbine shape inspired design.

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The movement, designed by Vincent Calabrese, includes a double tourbillion. As the movement is rotating on the single axis carrying a fixed center-wheel, the movement is embedded on top of the minute hand, it fulfill the full  definition of Abraham Louis Breguet’s Tourbillion. The escapement, fitted on the exterior part of the minute hand upon the extension of the escapement wheel pinion, operates in Tourbillion with a period of 60 seconds. The Tourbillon is flying as its mobile parts are fitted on bearing without upper-bridge. All of this to make the “Two  hands” flying over gravity to explore the basics of the tourbillion. Say good bye to the biggest force applied on earth, and welcome the perfection of a movement that canceled its gravity effect.

Hours and minutes hands are as usual used to indicate time but here it is also the main plate for the Tourbillion. The details of the finishing parts of the movement can be fully appreciated by the naked eye. The Full concept of a Flying  Tourbillion can be admired as none of the subtle parts are hidden. This clock therefore threats observers to a fascinating visual full animation display.

The gears and mainspring barrels are on full display thanks to the skeletonised “Aerospace Turbine” inspired design dial and to the minute hand showing all the parts of the regulation of the clock.

When conceiving The “Two hands” housing, CEO Arnaud Nicolas and Designer Christian Chabloz set out a new  reference to where no clock manufacturer had gone before, manufacturing an exceptional round and enameled timepiece!

The Flying Tourbillion

A new generation of Tourbillion have been developed. This flying Tourbillon lays on top of the minute hand doing a  revolution in 1 hour.

The influences of gravity on the accuracy of the 40-days movement disappear over the continuous and mastered  rotation of the escapement. This Tourbillon, signed by Vincent Calabrese, is a revolving system as the movement is  rotating on the single axis carrying a fixed center wheel. The movement is a Double Tourbillon as the escapement is  rotating within the minute hand, itself rotating in 60 minutes. The escapement, fitted on the exterior part of the  minute hand upon the extension of the escape wheel pinion, operates in Tourbillon with a period of 60 seconds. This  Tourbillon is flying as its mobile parts are fitted on bearing without upperbridge.

To enhance the visibility and so the fascination of a Flying tourbillion, the team has decided to make the cage turning  anti-clockwise in an atmosphere where everything is turning clockwise.

Details :

-          The Flying Tourbillon

-          40-day power reserve

-          The turbine-like dial


Two hands is a unique piece made of gold plated massive brass.


Mechanical Timepiece: Hours, Minutes, Flying Tourbillon


Ø290 mm (71kg)


L’Epée 1839 in-house caliber 175T
2,5 Hz Frequency
Power reserve: 40 days


Gold Plated massive brass  All-black Dial and Bridges.



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