This kinetic piece of Art boards observers to a fascinating visual fencing story accross one of the most beautiful and impressive watch complication journey.

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For almost two centuries, L’Epée 1839 has exercised the same ingenuity in the design of its horological masterpieces. Over the years, the L’Epée 1839 watchmakers have continuously pushed back boundaries, which has enabled them to create extraordinary Timepieces.

The brand’s signature crossed swords take on a special role in this collection. The Manufacture has reinvented its movement equipped with a 40-day power reserve, and enriched it with complications developed by the watchmakers over its long history.

This resolutely contemporary collection brings together tradition and fine watchmaking know-how. At the very top of this creation is the double retrograde seconds showcasing two crossed swords. At the opposite end is a linear perpetual calendar that proudly displays the day, date, month and year on a single line. Next the eye comes to rest on the five-barrel movement and its fascinating dance of wheels – all magnificently finished and entirely visible thanks to the skeletonized plates – followed by the two more solemn power reserve hands.

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L’Epée 1839 is the only clock manufacturer to create a masterpiece watch table and makes the fascination of a swashbuckling historical romance alive. The Journey begins with an array of visual effects: The escapement balance wheel, the two sword-shaped retrograde second hands fly back every twenty seconds in an eye-catching fencing display. The mechanical beauty of the core movement, a double Power Reserve animation and the In-line perpetual calendar and its jumping disk.

The perpetual calendar
Desirous of asserting its expertise and drawing its inspiration from its long tradition of horological innovation, L’Epée has completed its Le Duel collection with a movement comprising a perpetual calendar. The designers and clockmakers have chosen to display the day, date, month and year in a linear fashion, from left to right, notably by means of six jumping disks. 
The gear train accumulates energy throughout the day, enabling the disks to perform an instant jump at midnight.
When the clock stops, the calendar information is reset using the unique L’Epée key in the same way the clock time is set. The day, date, month and year system does not become desynchronized, even at the start of a new year or during leap years, which is a remarkable feature for this type of complication. 

The double retrograde seconds  
The double retrograde second hands placed at 12 o’clock, above the hours and minutes display, are two swords that gradually approach and cross over for a 20-second period, before snapping back to the vertical to take up the “en garde” position – like a pair of musketeers.

The double power reserve animation
The two power-reserve hands, placed at six o’clock at the bottom of the movement, move simultaneously from 1 to 0. They rotate through 300° and indicate the remaining autonomy. Proud of their power reserve and prepared to fight it out for 40 days, the two swords cross and point towards the 1. When these two same hands are pointing downwards towards the 0, forming the inverted logo, they evoke a musketeer giving up the fight.

Time display

Perpetual Calendar complication

Power reserve indicator

The double retrograde 20-second sword-hands


LE DUEL Perpetuel is a limited edition of 12 pieces.


Mechanical Timepiece: Hours, Minutes, Double Retrograde Seconds in mirror and In Line Perpetual Calendar and Power Reserve Indicators.


177 x 207 x 100 mm


L’Epée 1839 in-house caliber 2010
Balance wheel frequency: 18,000 A/h / 2.5 Hz
5 barrels series-mounted 
Power reserve: 40 days


Movement: Brass, Palladium coated

Finishing: Includes Côtes de Genève, anglage, polishing, sand-blasting, circular and vertical satin finishing

Structure & Base:
Sandblasted aluminum, matt black varnish
Soft touch black lacquered coating and Anti-refractive Mineral glass


Manual-winding: unique key sets time and winds movement

Double power-reserve indicator & double retrograde second hands: beveled hands




SILVER - Limited edition of 12 pieces

110'000 CHF / excl. VAT